Web Page Development


Course Description

The course is intended to provide students with experience in web page design and development. The course will emphasize the understanding of the design principles and hypertext markup language used to create web sites. Students will work with a variety of media, such as audio, video, text, and graphics to exploit the personal computer's ability to present information through the Internet. Introductory course.


Web project

Besides the current web page I created, below is a web development project I did For the Madrid (NY) Youth Explorers. The assignment was to create a web page for someone. The Madrid Explorers wanted to have a site to demonstrate what they do in the organization. This site would include information to become an Explorer. A photo gallery of images collected. Contact and member information. One of the most important is the moc accident video's the fire department puts on at the local school (can be seen here). This video was recorded and edited by me for the Madrid NY Fire Department.