Technology in Education


Course Description

This course is a survey of various technologies, both computer based and non-computer based, for use in instructional settings. Topics covered include sound capture and editing, video capture editing, computer graphics, applied learning theories, and various other technologies. Students will receive hands-on instruction in each area, and will create a project in each of these areas which reflect a theory of learning. Intermediate level - not an introductory course.


Final Project

SUNY Potsdam through the Business Department for Information and Communications will make strategic investments in technology to support student learning and teacher development. The Technology Infused Strategy Plan will serve as a guide in meeting the following goals and objectives:
Goal 1: Students will acquire, maintain and enhance their technology skills.

Goal 2: Teachers will improve the integration of technology into the curriculum
and assess effectiveness.

Goal 3: School will maintain and improve a comprehensive technology infrastructure that will provide widespread access and connectivity for students and teachers within the Curriculum.