Technology Coaching


Course Description

T 647 -- Technology Coaching - This course explores leadership styles influence the teaching and training of professionals. Students will explore the dimensions of personality, temperament, and coaching models to develop appropriate learning strategies for adults (adragogy).


Final Project

Adobe Dreamweaver Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: Dreamweaver Basic Form Creation
Learning Objectives
At the end of the-training:
• Participants will be able to create a basic form in Dreamweaver.
• Participants will have basic knowledge on how the PHP script is working
• Participants will have a understanding of the validation process and how its working
• Participants will be able to customize the form they created to meet their needs.

Dreamweaver Lesson on Creating Forms

This tutorial is about creating your own form in Dreamweaver and using it with an email script (provided) hosted on your own server. Forms are all about the collection and eventual processing of information. Considering the information-­‐based society that we live and work in, without forms the entire world would probably fall apart in a matter of days. Well, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated; however, forms collect information, information drives our lives, and Dreamweaver makes the creation of those forms a virtual snap. Today the simplest ways to create forms for your website is using Dreamweaver or other program that can use html, PHP or java script as an example. Most editing software nowadays that creates forms can take care of most of the programming for you.

Just because Dreamweaver makes the initial creation of the form easier for you, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about its construction. One of the rules in creating forms is that you’re designing the form for the person who is filling it out... not for you. The form should be as simplistic as possible with easy to understand instructions. When they make a mistake (not filling in a field), there should be a way to tell that person a mistake was made, and what to do to correct it. There are two stages in the creation of a form: The initial insertion of the form, and then populating the form with text and form objects.

If you’re a programmer or a system administrator you probably don’t need my help, and if you’re not, you may be very frustrated with the process of trying to get an email script to work on your web host. That approach is also hard to teach, and hard to trouble shoot, because it depended on what kind of web server or host you were using, what script you have, and other variables.