Preparing & Delivering Professional Presentations


Course Description

IT 545 - The purpose of this course is to prepare students to design, develop and deliver professional presentations. In this course students will utilize paper and electronic resources for the production of presentation materials. Topics of user interface design, audience characteristics and message design will be covered.

Guest Speaker

“Journey to Mars: The Rover Curiosity”
Presented By Danny Krysak
SUNY Potsdam
I wasn’t sure what the whole “Journey to Mars” thing was going to be about (except going to Mars). The event started with a introduction from a professor on campus. Laying out a few jokes to get the crowed into it. The speaker told us of the background of the speaker Danny Krysak. Where he got his education and how he got the position he has. The stage was set for the speaker with a slide show, a giant picture of a rover on Mars. There were also some microscopes on a table that were never talked about (not sure if they were part of it). As Danny started talking about his ventures he told the audience he was happy to be the “Mars guy “ in San Diego.

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