Desktop Publishing


Course Description

IT 544 - The course will emphasize the understanding of message design concepts and principles in the pre-publication process. Students will design and develop publications using text design techniques. Students will produce newsletters, informational flyers, brochures, and other materials. Introductory Course.


Game Description

Politicaster: A gameboard project, is a boardgame for history/trivia for the American presidents. The game will test your knowledge and skills on American presidential history, including so not so common fun facts. Players roll a die and attempt to answer the questions to advanced to win the game. This was a group project and the group signed tasked for the project. The two member group researched United States presidents facts. We used that information for the questions that are asked in the game to advance. Landing on the many president faces that are on the board will give you a bonus. The design of game was designed to fit many spaces on the board. The initial creation was done by myself in Photoshop. after much debate within the group this is the creation you see.

Politicaster Instructions PDF