About Me

In the late 1990's I discovered I was most interested In graphics, which led me into designing web pages and graphics for various projects. Since then I have moved on to educating myself. My school career started with North Country Community College (Malone NY) where I attained a degree in Computer Graphics & Web Design. Wanting to further my knowledge I got a second degree in Art Studio from the State University of Potsdam (Potsdam NY). At this point I still felt something was missing. I went back to the State University of Potsdam for a Masters degree as an Educational Technology Specialist. I felt the decision was justified, even though I knew most of the skills that were taught. I got the chance to polish those skills on a professional level. The biggest part on this experience I learned (besides the technical skills) is working in groups. I always believed that working in a group setting is a skill in of its self. The experiences I got from the Graduate program and SUNY Potsdam is one that I will carry with me and never forget. This brings me to the current time, where do I go from here? Learn More

My Work

The scrolling slider has examples of work that I have complete at SUNY Potsdam (Potsdam NY) while obtaining my master degree in Educational Technology. At the creation of this web site I focused on usability. I wanted the web site to be available for all formats, from mobile to desktop the experience remains the same. If on an desktop this experience is evident by shrinking your browser from the side to see how the browser reacts. I found this to be a useful tool for compatibility. I also added an instant chat feature for this site, besides the contact form at the bottom, the instant chat brings a quick response for the recipient that is wanting an quick response. Below, you will find lots of current projects, some of those projects were created in a group setting, while others were done on a individual bases, just click the icon of your choice. I take pride in the work I have created, whether individual or group I'm proud of my accomplishments. If you like what you see you can contact me through the below form! If that form isn't for you then try the chat feature at the bottom of you browse for a fast response (during select hours). Whatever the reason you want to contact me I look forward to hearing from you.