About Me

I am a talented, energetic professional with excellent work experience, with degrees in Educational Technology, Art Studio and Computer Graphics & Design.
I have volunteered with NEF of Potsdam creating graphics for a computer-based module-learning program. I also taught senior citizens how to use current technology to be more proficient. I have volunteered at Canton Potsdam Hospital’s IT/IS department giving support to the hospital staff on various computer issues. Through these experiences, I have enhanced my experience in the IT/IS field. I’ve completed an internship with Pixar while obtaining my A.A.S. in Computer Graphics and Web Design. I am a published artist with written expression, drawing, photography and app development. Recently I received the Best Interactive Multimedia Award at the SUNY Potsdam’s Academic Festival (Spring 2013). I also successfully submitted an app I designed to Apple and Google without rejection.

Let me share with you what makes me a unique and well-qualified candidate:
• Over fifteen years of experience working with computer hardware and software.
• Computer Graphics experience including an internship with Pixar, with work published.
• Intimate understanding of Hardware & software platforms.
• Outstanding Achievement Award for my drive to push software to areas not proclaimed as being capable.
• Strong academic training in the studio arts, web design, graphic, software and hardware.
• Over fifteen active years using Adobe products.
• Experience Teaching Web Design using Adobe Dreamweaver.
• Technology Coaching with various software applications, including using computers and tablets.

My goals are to work in a career that will allow me to illustrate my passion for technology utilization, coaching as well as graphic and web design. With these goals I am seeking an opportunity to function both in a team environments and independently based projects. I am looking for an interesting, exciting and rewarding professional opportunity, where I can make a difference in the organization. My work ethic, quality of performance and commitment will proudly represent any facility or organization through which I am employed. I have the drive, desire and understanding of technology to be an efficient in this field.


September 2012 – Present
A puzzle game where the object is to remove the pieces, in this case crates, the more crates you remove at a time the better. When a solution is not viable, shake things up a bit by touching the "Crate Shake" button. As the crates fly though the air you can eliminate pieces or wait for them to settle in a new configuration. But beware, the longer you delay on choosing crates to eliminate the timer counts down. You can only eliminate so many single crates, and you only have so many shakes or Game Over! See how many levels you can clear before you run out of time, singles, or shakes! Game Link Here
(note : This game is close to the original version and has not been updated. The most recent version is available on the iTunes store or Google Play.)

Honors & Awards

Best Interactive Multimedia Award
Recipient of the Award For Outstanding Interactive Media Production for the best CD-ROM or web-based project. - Presented By: Timothy Fossum
SUNY Potsdam May 2013

Certificate of Achievement
Presented by the Art department
SUNY Potsdam - April 2012

Faculty Achievement Award
Presented By: Don Paulson
North Country Community College - May 2009

Award given to one student from every department. The purpose is to congratulate students that have gone above and beyond what was required in their curriculum.